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The Aristocrat embraces you with subdued luxury from the moment of arrival. 

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For those Seeking Sanctuary

Our main common area, the entrance to the building, remains elegantly simple. Complementing and enhancing the established aesthetic of the exterior, the foyer boasts strong, definitive lines. It speaks to the building’s modern design complemented by graceful natural materials, creating a perfect flow between the streetscape and the interior.

Old Oakville's First Rooftop Patio Natural Garden

To provide additional space for owners, we created Old Oakville's first rooftop patio natural garden – complete with a modern linear gas fireplace, seating, lounge areas and outdoor movie theatre. This gives our residents a wonderful open space where they can enjoy the garden’s greenery along with picturesque views of Sixteen Mile Creek.

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Elegantly Timeless

Residents can revel in their exquisitely crafted homes, enjoying every modern convenience alongside luxurious European made modern features and finishes. Through carefully considered use of space and natural lighting, we’ve crafted homes that present residents with expansive common living and entertainment areas – all without sacrificing amenity opportunities.

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